Daisies – How to grow?


Daisies are a popular and easy to grow flower. They can be grown in many different ways, whether it’s in the garden or in a pot on your patio. Here are some tips on how you can grow Daisies:

  • Soil is essential for growing Daisies, so make sure that they have good soil (the best would be sandy loam).
  • Water them regularly but not too much as they don’t like to be overwatered or underwater either!
  • If you want to plant your seeds outdoors then sow them from March until May – this will give the plant a chance to get established before wintertime arrives.

Daisies How to grow in garden?

Growing daisies is easy. They can be grown in the garden, indoors, and as houseplants. Daisies are typically not fussy about soil but prefer a loamy soil with good drainage.

Daisies grow well from seed or cuttings. To sow seeds outdoors choose a sunny location with well-drained soil and sow them at the same depth they were planted in the pot or tray they were purchased at last year (this will give you an idea of how deep to sow). Cover lightly with fine soil or compost, just enough so that light cannot penetrate it; if there are weeds around then this may help keep them out until germination occurs after which you can pull out unwanted plants if necessary before they set seed. Water lightly once only until seeds germinate otherwise they will drown! Sow seeds thinly rather than thickly because this helps prevent overcrowding later on during the growing season which could lead to problems such as disease and poor flowering due to lack of air circulation around each plant’s roots

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